Ice Cream Sandwich Moving Extremely Slow According To Latest Distribution Chart

Every month Google puts out a platform distribution chart to give us a better idea of what OS version Android devices are running. Not much has changed since last month which is quite disheartening considering it’s been a few months since Android 4.0 was released. Ice Cream Sandwich is Google’s latest and greatest Android version and yet less than 2% of devices are running it. It really is a shame and it’s too bad OEM’s and carriers are taking so long because Android 4.0 is such a great improvement to the user experience.

The only version to see a real increase was Gingerbread, which is now running on 62% (up 3 percentage points). The rest saw a drop in numbers and believe it or not, there are still people out their kicking it old school with Cupcake and Donut. For a full look at the latest distribution numbers, take a look at the chart below and then hit the source link. Now hurry up with those Ice Cream Sandwich updates!