Nexus 6P folds just as easily in new bend test

The Nexus 6P endures another torture test. Photo: JerryRigEverything

The Nexus 6P endures another torture test. Photo: JerryRigEverything

The Nexus 6P may be beautiful, but it’s also surprisingly fragile. A recent durability test proved that the handset bends and breaks far too easily when pressure is applied, and Google’s new smartphone doesn’t appear to be any stronger in the latest test.

Check out the video below in which a brand new Nexus 6P is unboxed and broken in half with little effort.

Is “bendgate” back with the Nexus 6P? Although the previous durability test we covered suggested it might be, many fans proposed the handset used in that particular video may have been defective, or previously damaged in some way to make it more susceptible to snapping.

But to prove that there was nothing wrong with his first handset before he ruined it, Zack from YouTube channel JerryRigEverything is back with a second test. This time he unboxes the Nexus 6P on camera to prove it’s a brand new model that hasn’t been tampered with before he proceeds to test it.

Unfortunately, Zack’s second Nexus 6P isn’t any stronger than his first. Watch as he folds his new device in half using only his hands in the video below.

Zack doesn’t just bend his Nexus 6P; he completely ruins the whole device. The housing snaps, the screen shatters, and internal components are broken beyond repair. If you watch the whole video, Zack explains what makes the Nexus 6P so fragile.

This doesn’t mean your Nexus 6P is guaranteed to bend, of course, but it’s certainly worth knowing. And as Zack points out, videos like these are what encourage change in the industry. Do you think Apple would have been so quick to use Series 7000 aluminum for the iPhone 6s if last year’s model didn’t bend so easily?