OnePlus was one month away from launching a wearable

OnePlus hasn't just been working on smartphones.

OnePlus hasn’t just been working on smartphones.

Remember when we thought OnePlus was on the verge of announcing a new wearable? Well, it was — but it wasn’t a smartwatch. The Chinese startup has revealed it was gearing up to launch a new fitness tracker — and a Bluetooth speaker — but both were scrapped right before launch.

“We had a fitness tracker and Bluetooth speaker in development, but we cancelled both one month before launch,” OnePlus founder Carl Pei revealed to TechRadar.

“We asked ourselves, what is the goal? We decided we needed to focus on smartphones, to ensure we’re launching quality products and leave the wearables and speakers to the people who know what they’re doing.”

Hardcore OnePlus fans will sorely disappointed with this news, but it’s probably for the best.

The company just announced its second smartphone of 2015, OnePlus X, and both that and the OnePlus 2 are only available with an invite for now. Additional devices, which require more resources, would likely mean we have to wait even longer for existing OnePlus devices.

And of course, this doesn’t mean OnePlus won’t ever launch a wearable. It’s just not going to happen any time soon.