You can pre-order your LG V10 from AT&T, T-Mobile on Oct. 27

LG V10 pre-orders go live tomorrow. Photo: LG

LG V10 pre-orders go live tomorrow. Photo: LG

AT&T and T-Mobile will begin taking pre-orders for the new LG V10 tomorrow, October 27. You’ll be able to bag the device with or without a contract, but you’ll have to prepare to pay a premium for that second screen.

If you want your V10 on AT&T, prices start at $23.34 on a Next 24 plan over 30 months. The Next 18 plan will cost you $29.17 over 24 months, and the Next 12 plan will cost you $35 over 20 months. You can also get the V10 on a traditional two-year contract for $249.99.

Those who choose T-Mobile will be paying $25 over 24 months with a JUMP! On Demand plan. T-Mobile is also offering the V10 without a contract for $599.99.

The V10 is LG’s latest flagship device, packing a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 4GB of RAM, and the impressive 16-megapixel camera that is packed into the G4. It also boasts a unique second screen that offers all kinds of uses.