LG showcases UX 4.0+ in first ad for new V10

UX 4.0+ on the LG V10. Photo: LG

UX 4.0+ on the LG V10. Photo: LG

LG’s first ad for the new V10 smartphone showcases its UX 4.0+ software and the many useful features baked in as standard — including manual video mode in Camera, the ability to optimize audio output, and the convenient shortcuts found in its second display.

LG hasn’t exactly been the best at building software. The South Korean company makes great phones, but the bloated and inconsistent UX interface that comes pre-installed on them can put a lot of people off. It’s the one reason I didn’t bother picking up the G4.

But LG has made some improvements for the V1o, and it wants us to know about them. The three-minute video below demonstrates some of the best features found in UX 4.0+, which comes pre-installed on the company’s latest smartphone.


The V10 is the first device to deliver a mini second display that sits directly above the primary screen. As demonstrated in LG’s video, it can provide useful shortcuts to your favorite apps, handy controls in the Camera and music player, and lots more.

This functionality comes at a cost, though; the V10 will be more expensive than LG’s last flagship, the G4, and most other high-end Android-powered devices. U.S. pricing is yet to be confirmed, but in South Korea where the V10 is already on sale, it’s priced at just under $700.

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