Samsung’s giant Galaxy View tablet leaks out with built-in carrying handle

Meet Samsung's giant Galaxy View. Photo: SamMobile

Meet Samsung’s giant Galaxy View. Photo: SamMobile

Samsung’s new Galaxy View tablet, which features a whopping 18.4-inch display, has leaked out for the first time ahead of its official debut. Unlike the rest of Samsung’s lineup, it has no physical home button — but it does pack a built-in carrying handle.

That’s right — the Galaxy View is so big, Samsung knows you won’t be slipping it into a bag, so it put a handle on it to make the device easier to carry. However, based on these images obtained by SamMobile, it’s not a great solution.

It appears the back of the Galaxy View pops out to become a stand that makes it more comfortable to type on it, and allows you to stand the device up in landscape mode when you want to watch something. This stand also doubles as the carrying handle.

So, to carry the Galaxy View, you have to have the stand open, leaving the fragile display sticking out.

The Galaxy View's handle. Photo: SamMobile

The Galaxy View’s handle. Photo: SamMobile

If you look closely at the photos of the Galaxy View’s display, you’ll also notice that this is one of the only Samsung devices with virtual, on-screen buttons — and no physical home button. It’s unclear why that is, but it almost certainly rules out a fingerprint scanner.

It seems the Galaxy View has plenty of surprises left yet, though. According to recent leaks, the device will be packing slightly disappointing midrange specifications, but surely Samsung would want to go all-out with a tablet of this size and make it the best it can be.

Look closely and you'll see the virtual buttons. Photo: SamMobile

Look closely and you’ll see the virtual buttons. Photo: SamMobile

There’s still no word on when the Galaxy View might make its official debut yet, but you can likely look forward to more leaks before then. In the meantime, there are more press photos below.