Final Marshmallow preview gets Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap. Photo: Google

Google Now on Tap. Photo: Google

A new update to the Google app for Android adds Now on Tap functionality for those running the final Android 6.0 Marshmallow Developer Preview.

Google first previewed Now on Tap at Google I/O back in May. The feature is an extension to the already excellent Google Now, allowing Android users to find more information about “people, places, movies, and more” wherever they may be within the Android OS.

If you’re reading an email about a movie reservation, for instance, you can tap and hold the home button to summon Now on Tap and it will automatically identify the movie — then suggest associated apps, such as IMBd and Flixster.

Not on Tap isn’t available on Lollipop or previous versions of Android, but it is now available inside the latest Marshmallow preview. If you’re already running that on your device, simply upgrade to the latest version of the Google app via the Play Store, and Now on Tap will be added.