Viper SmartStart makes your smartwatch an essential car accessory

Viper SmartStart comes to your wrist. Photo: Viper

Viper SmartStart comes to your wrist. Photo: Viper

Remember that Ericsson phone that let James Bond control his BMW 750iL remotely in Tomorrow Never Dies? Now you can have your own… kind of.

Viper SmartStart is a smartwatch app for Android Wear and Apple Watch that puts car controls on your wrist, allowing you to locate, start, and control your vehicle before you even get in it.

No, it won’t let you outrun baddies from the backseat, but Viper SmartStart will bring a bit of Bond magic to your car. When you forget where you parked, the smartwatch app will provide you with turn-by-turn directions back to your vehicle, and unlock the doors when you get there.

Viper SmartStart can even start your car remotely, lock it when your journey’s over, pop the trunk, and provide you with alerts for things like a low battery.

“Have your watch guide you to your car. Tap your wrist to unlock your doors. Say the word and your engine starts. Wearable technology has the potential to connect drivers to their cars like never before,” said Frank DeMartin, SVP of Product Development and Engineering at Viper.

“Viper SmartStart 4.0 capitalizes on that potential and offers drivers unprecedented control of their vehicle, whether they’re using a smartwatch or smartphone.”

Viper SmartStart also works with your smartphone, and the version 4.0 update brings easier-to-use speed alerts that can alert you when young drivers exceed the speed limit, and notes and explains diagnostic trouble codes when your car runs into issues.

Viper SmartStart also lets you set up a “SmartFence” cordon off restricted areas, and provides an alert when your vehicle enters those areas. It can even call upon roadside assistance in an emergency.

Compatible with iOS and Android, Viper SmartStart is compatible with almost all after-market vehicles. You can build your Viper system now via the source link below.