TWRP custom recovery now available for Galaxy Note 5

TWRP arrives on Samsung's latest phablet. Photo: Samsung

TWRP arrives on Samsung’s latest phablet. Photo: Samsung

The TWRP custom recovery is now available for Galaxy Note 5, less than a month after the handset made its retail debut, paving the way for custom ROMs, kernels, and other third-party tweaks.

The new release, which can be flashed using the Odin application for PC that long-time Samsung users will already be familiar with, currently supports the GSM version of the Note 5, so it won’t work with handsets purchased from Sprint or Verizon just yet.

Custom ROMs aren’t yet available for the Galaxy Note 5, but having a custom recovery installed does allow you to do other useful things, such as back up and restore your own ROM images. It should also be noted, however, that flashing a custom recovery on the Note 5 will void your warranty.

If that doesn’t concern you, you’ll find TWRP for the Note 5 by following the source link below.