New Moto 360 spotted on Chicago train

The new Moto 360 looks good. Photo:

The new Moto 360 looks good. Photo: Gerrit Gödecke

Motorola’s second-generation Moto 360 has been spotted out in the wild on a Chicago train. Just as the rumors had promised, the device looks a lot like its predecessor, but sports larger lugs and a repositioned physical button.

“On a Chicago commuter train (where you have a good chance of catching Motorola employees) a guy’s wrist caught my eye because of his smartwatch,” writes Gerrit Gödecke in a post on Google+. “Looks to me like a Moto 360 with traditional lugs.”

Gödecke adds that the device looks just like the second-generation Moto 360 renders that we’ve seen before, and he confirms that the original Moto 360’s “flat tire” — the black bezel that sits at the bottom of its display, which nobody likes — has been carried over to the second model.

This is the first time we’ve seen what looks to be a fully-functioning second-gen. Moto 360. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when Motorola is going to announce it, though we expect it to arrive in the coming months — before the lucrative holiday shopping period.