Google wants to make Wi-Fi better with OnHub router

OnHub wants to make managing your home network easy. Photo: Google

OnHub wants to make managing your home network easy. Photo: Google

Google is getting into the router business. The search giant today announced a new $200 device called OnHub, and it’s coming later this month to make setting up and managing our home Wi-Fi networks easier than ever before.

OnHub is designed to eliminate common router problems we all have to deal with on a regular basis, like poor signals and unstable connections, flashing lights that mean nothing to any of us, and lengthy passwords that we never remember.

OnHub is “a different kind of router that makes it simple to get better Wi-Fi,” Google says.

OnHub was built to be pretty, like a high-end wireless speaker, so that it doesn’t need to be hidden away behind things that might cause signal problems. Once it’s connected, it promises to stay connected and maintain fast speeds — and even improve over time.

OnHub has no flashing lights, but it does have a glowing halo on its top that serves one purpose: it flashes blue when the router is in configuration mode, and remains a solid teal when your connection is steady and ready to use. OnHub is managed through an app; not a confusing browser interface.

Google doesn’t just want to give us better Wi-Fi, but also a stable home network that will be a perfect fit for all the smart devices we’ll be introducing to our homes in the future.

“Imagine the living room of the future,” said Trond Wuellner, Google OnHub product manager. “The connected home, where technology makes it easy to do all the things you want to do. For the connected home to be a reality, you really need Wi-Fi to work extremely well.”

OnHub will go on sale on August 31, but you can pre-order yours today via the source link below for $199.99.