Samsung’s keyboard case for Galaxy S6 edge+ won’t be cheap

Really, Samsung? Photo: Evan Blass

Really, Samsung? Photo: Evan Blass

We got our first glimpse at Samsung’s official keyboard case for the Galaxy S6 edge+ last Friday, and now a new leak confirms how much it’ll cost. Unfortunately for those who still can’t part with clicky keys, it won’t be cheap.

We’re still not sure who Samsung’s keyboard is aimed at. Sure, it might persuade some long-time BlackBerry fans who are still clinging onto physical keys to finally make the switch to Android, but I’m almost certain there are only about ten of those left.*

Samsung must believe that customers will try it and love it, but those who don’t will have wasted around $66 on an ugly piece of plastic that they’ll never use.

That’s how much the clip-on keyboard for the Galaxy S6 edge+ will cost, according to information obtained by TechTastic. Samsung’s product description outlines what you get for your money, including “fast and efficient” typing, a slim and portable design, and a long-lasting battery.

The keyboard also provides convenient hotkeys for things like email, music, calendar, and web browsing, while the case itself promises to protect your S6 edge+ from scratches and scuffs.

Samsung also makes it clear that this keyboard is specifically for the S6 edge+, and won’t fit other devices. However, it seems an accessory like this would be better suited to the new Galaxy Note — which Samsung has always aimed at professionals who need to get stuff done on the go.

Perhaps we’ll see a Galaxy Note 5 version, too.

The actual price of the keyboard, according to TechTastic, is €59.95 for European customers, but based on today’s exchange rate, that’s $66.

*I’m just joking, BlackBerry fans!