OnePlus 2 invites hit eBay to provide kids with clean water

You're invited... to lend impoverished children a hand. Photo: OnePlus

You’re invited… to lend impoverished children a hand. Photo: OnePlus

If you’re interested in the no-compromise OnePlus 2, and would also like to support a humanitarian cause, head over to eBay now and bid for a charitable invite.

Technically, hawking invitations for amazing but restrictive OnePlus phones doesn’t go against any laws. Yet it’s clearly controversial, and in an effort to fight it, OnePlus has decided to “join” those who make unfair profits off free commodities.

Don’t fret, the OnePlus 2 is still slated to cost $330 and up starting August 11, but for a limited time, 100 early passes are available on eBay at pretty steep fees. Between $215 and $1,000 at the moment, with the obvious prospect of further hikes before the auctions end.

Another dirty, controversial publicity stunt meant to artificially hype up OnePlus One’s remarkable upgrade? Quite on the contrary, as all proceeds will be used to bring clean, safe water to underprivileged children around the world.

Just to be clear, OnePlus isn’t auctioning off 100 copies of their beautiful new Android smartphone, but merely the chance to buy it before everyone else. So, after winning the eBay sale, you’ll still need to cough up $390 in exchange for a 64 GB ROM/4 GB RAM configuration.

Within a week of receiving the invite by email, you’ll want to claim it, and then you’ll have a month to purchase the Sandstone Black 5.5-incher. How much good can, say, 500 bucks make for the UNICEF Tap Project? A lot, since $1 apparently offers a child access to sanitary water for over a month.