Download Sony’s concept Android software for Xperia Z3 now

Sony's new software running on the Xperia Z3. Photo: Jozinek

Sony’s new software running on the Xperia Z3. Photo: Jozinek

We’ve had a sneak peek at Sony’s concept Android software, thanks to a series of screenshots from beta testers. But if you own an Xperia Z3, you can now download and install a leaked beta ROM and try it out for yourself right now.

The ROM has been leaked by Jozinek of the XDA Developers forum, and it’s relatively easy to install. You do not need root access or even an unlocked bootloader; you simply need the firmware itself and the Flashtool utility for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

You can download the firmware package from the XDA thread linked below, where you’ll also find Jozinek’s step-by-step installation instructions. Before you rush off to get started, however, there are some things you should take into consideration.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a very early beta release of concept software. That means it’s far from ready for its public debut, and will almost certainly contain bugs that could render important features unusable.

With that in mind, this should only be installed on secondary devices, not the daily drivers you rely on. And before you even begin to download the firmware, you should be sure to backup your Xperia Z3 so that any important data is securely saved.