2015 Moto X gets pictured in black, white and gold ahead of debut

The new Moto X hasn't changed much, but it now comes in gold. Photo: Weibo

The new Moto X hasn’t changed much, but it now comes in gold. Photo: Weibo

Motorola is having a hard time keeping its next-generation smartphones under wraps ahead of their official unveilings, it seems. We’ve already seen lots of leaked images of the 2015 Moto G, and now the new Moto X has been pictured for the first time in plain black and white and gold color options.

The new Moto X looks a lot like its predecessor, and I’m sure most of you will agree that’s a good thing. The big difference is the metal accent on the back of the device, which encases the camera and LED flash and has the Motorola logo emblazoned on it, and the front-facing LED flash alongside in the top corner.

But aside from that, the third-generation Moto X sports the same metal frame, rounded display, and front-facing speaker and microphone layout as last year’s model. Even things like the SIM card slot and headphone jack are in exactly the same place.

Alongside the image of the white and gold device that surfaced on Weibo, there are pictures that show the new Moto X in black below. Note the “Motorola confidential property” notice beneath the display, which suggests this is a prototype device currently in testing.

We don’t know much about the new Moto X at this point — the leaks have been nowhere near as fast-flowing as those for the new Moto G — but we may find out more about it at Motorola’s July 28 press event in New York City.