Google will make it easy to purchase the products in your search results

Shopping in Google Search. Photo: Business Insider

Shopping in Google Search. Photo: Business Insider

Google is planning to make it easier than ever to shop online by allowing you to purchase the products that appear in your mobile search results. With a new feature dubbed “Purchase on Google,” shoppers will be able to buy goods from supported retailers in just a few taps.

“When an advertisement for a product appears in search results, you’ll be able to click on that product and select the checkout option if you want to buy it,” reports Business Insider, which has published a series of screenshots that show what Purchase on Google will look like.

To ensure customers still have a relationship with retailers, and that the experience doesn’t differ too drastically, products will be purchased through microsites within Google that have “the look and feel of that particular retailer.”

From there, you can either buy the product you selected, or search for other items from the same retailer.

Google is working with “a dozen or so” merchants initially, and it will continue to increase that number if Purchase on Google proves to be successful. The search giant is also said to be making other changes to improve the online shopping experience.

One of those changes is by linking search results to apps, so if you tap an ad for an item on eBay, you will automatically be redirected to the listing inside the eBay app — making the purchase easy from there on. Another change is support for natural language shopping queries in Google Now.

Google will soon be ranking products in search results, too, so it’ll be easier to buy good based on their reviews. It will also add new Google Now cards that will display product reviews when you query a certain item, and to alert you to price drops.

BI says Google’s new shopping features will be rolling out in the next few weeks.