No, Google isn’t capping your unlimited Photos storage

Google Photos is still unlimited. Photo: Google

Google Photos is still unlimited. Photo: Google

Struggling to upload all of your cat snaps to Google Photos? You’re not the only one. A bug has been preventing some users from adding more images to their Photos library after reaching a certain number — but don’t worry; Google is not capping your unlimited storage allowance.

Lots of Photos users took to Reddit, Google+, and other social networks and forums this week to report that they were suddenly unable to upload any more photos to the new service, which Google first unveiled at its Google I/O conference earlier this month.

The issue appeared to be affecting those with larger libraries, so, naturally, many assumed Google was capping storage allowances even after it promised that it would be unlimited. Fortunately, that was not the case.

A member of the XDA Developers forum was able to get hold of someone at Google, who confirmed that the problem was simply the result of a bug that needed squashing. The search giant has now done that, so uploading to Photos should be as smooth as ever.