HTC One X Flexes Its Camera Muscles Against The Xperia S And Galaxy Nexus [Video]

There’s no question mobile cameras have advanced tremendously over the years and they’ve even become a main feature focus for many consumers and manufacturers. One such example is the hype over the HTC One X camera. HTC has made a pretty big deal over their new ImageSense software as well as the custom ImageChip, f/2.0 lens, HDR technology, and super fast capture. We’ve seen a few sample photos, some good, some bad, but what about some real world tests against a couple device also known for their camera prowess?

A couple fine gentlemen decided to pit the HTC One X, Xperia S, and Galaxy Nexus against one another in a battle of fast capture fury. Overall, the HTC One X lived up to its hype and out snapped its competitors, with the exception of the Xperia S beating the One X in the sleep to snap due to its dedicated camera button. There’s no arguing the HTC One X has some impressive camera features for a smartphone, and if that’s an important feature to you, then you may want to consider it as your next phone.

[via Android Police]