HTC Shows Off The Photo Taking Power Of Their One Series With ImageSense

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled their future One series lineup of smartphones boasting some impressive camera specs. HTC improved every part of the camera from lens to software, and even went as far as to integrate their own custom HTC ImageChip. With a new f/2.0 lens, HDR technology and their new ImageSense camera suite, HTC set out to create a smartphone camera that could quickly capture any moment, in any condition, with superb results. The claims were grand, the results… well, see for yourself.

Here are some test shots taken from an HTC One device to show off the power of HTC’s new imaging suite and camera properties. If you ask me, these are pretty damn impressive. I’m sure whoever took these photos wasn’t your average run of the mill dad with a camera, but nevertheless, they were taken with a smartphone — A SMARTPHONE!

via Android and Me