Samsung ad takes shots at iPhone’s lack of wireless charging

That'll charge it. Photo: Samsung

That’ll charge it. Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s samey marketing team is back with another ad for the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge that again picks on the iPhone. This time, it’s for the lack of wireless charging, which comes built-in on the South Korean company’s latest devices.

“How long do we have to keep untangling for just a little taste of power?” Samsung’s ad asks, while we watch iPhone owners struggle with messy cables. “You can keep plugging away, or you can change the way you charge.”

Samsung is addressing a complaint lots of smartphone owners have; if we’re not untangling wires, we’re trying to find them — or buying replacements because the only one we did have fell apart or was chewed to bits by the dog.

Wireless charging is certainly a nice feature, then, and Apple fans now have a taste of that with Apple Watch, which uses the same Qi charging technology as the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. But let’s not forget that wireless charging has plenty of flaws of its own.

No smartphone comes bundled with a wireless charger; you have to buy one, and a good one is expensive. What’s more, wireless charging is much slower than charging via cable, so if you need as much juice as you can get in 30 minutes, tethering your handset to the wall is the best option.

Having said that, I’m sure iPhone users would certainly like to at least have the wireless charging option, but it’s unlikely to happen until the technology evolves and those little downsides are ironed out.