Pre-order the Pebble Time from Best Buy for mid-July delivery

Pebble Time colors. Photo: Pebble

It’s time for Pebble Time at Best Buy. Photo: Pebble

If you didn’t back the Pebble Time on Kickstarter and now you want one, you can now pre-order the device from Best Buy. The black, white, and red options are all available, and they’ll be delivered to your door within a month.

Pebble Time is here to compete with rival smartwatches like Apple Watch and those powered by Android Wear, but it does so with a much more simplistic approach that brings a number of nice benefits.

It won’t track your heart rate and its display is nowhere near as pretty (even though it does offer color now), but the Pebble Time will last up to a week in between charges, and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS — so if you switch smartphones, it doesn’t become worthless.

Pebble Time is compatible with all apps made for the original Pebble, of which there are many — and lots of them are very good. It also uses regular watch straps and pins, so you can swap¬†the band for almost any 22mm alternative of your choosing.

Pre-ordering from Best Buy will cost you $199.99, which is certainly a little pricey given many Android Wear alternatives are now a lot cheaper. But if you value battery life over anything else, it could well be the right smartwatch for you.

All three color options are currently shipping on Monday, July 20.