Cortana for Android is coming to take on Google Now next month

Cortana is coming. Photo: Microsoft

Cortana is coming. Photo: Microsoft

Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant originally built for Windows Phone, will arrive on Android to take on Google Now next month. The app will initially be available in beta as a companion to Cortana on Windows 10 PCs.

Cortana is “the world’s only personal digital assistant,” Microsoft says, but it offers much of the functionality you already get baked into Android. But Cortana’s advantage over Google Now is that it works better with other Windows 10 devices.

For instance, you can ask Cortana on your smartphone to remind you to take the dog for a walk at 8 p.m. When the time comes, the movie you’re watching on your Xbox One will automatically be paused, and you’ll be prompted to take Spot for walkies.


Cortana on Android. Photo: Microsoft


Cortana can also serve location-based reminders, fetch information like the weather forecast and sports scores, and answer your questions.

Cortana is set to make its official debut on Android later this year, but Microsoft has this week confirmed that a beta will be available next month. We hope to get more information on how you sign up for that closer to the time.