Pocket Legends Turns 2! Spacetime Studios Celebrates With Free Content And Party Hats

The immensely popular MMO Pocket Legends is turning two and Spacetime Studios is throwing a celebration to honor all of its milestones and devoted fan base. The now cross-platform global hit, Pocket Legends, was originally launched on iOS April 3rd, 2010. Since then, Pocket Legends has been played in every country on the planet (with the exceptions of Cuba and North Korea) by over five million people. That’s an impressive feat for a mobile MMO! Spacetime Studios thinks so too, that’s why players will now have access to all Pocket Legends premium content areas for free!

That’s right, players will now have free access to such PvE campaigns as:

  • Sandstone Caves
  • Skeller’s Return
  • Croc Feud
  • Frozen Nightmares
  • Shadow Caves
  • Wyldwood

For those players who have already purchased these areas, Spacetime Studios would like to show their gratitude with a “Frozen Crown of Gratitude.” This exclusive “Frozen Crown of Gratitude” vanity helm was crafted using the best crystals from Frozen Nightmare’s Frost King. You’ll find this unique item waiting for you in your stash.

Spacetime Studios is also offering up special in-game anniversary party hats that can be purchased throughout the week. If you don’t have the cash, you can always wave at a player wearing one and be rewarded with a mini-version of your own (again, only throughout the week).

This celebration extends well beyond the world of Alterra, stretching across the vast cosmos into the realm of Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. Players of Star Legends will be able to honor their past with Bear, Bird and Elf “Bobble Head” masks that can be purchased in the Star Legends store.

So put on your party hats, have some fun, and wish one of our all-time favorite mobile MMOs a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Pocket Legends!

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