Superfan spends Tony Stark money on Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge

Doesn't it look beautiful? Photo: Samsung

Isn’t it beautiful? Photo: Samsung

The Galaxy S6 edge’s curved display makes it one of the fanciest phones on the market, but it gets even better when you make it look like Iron Man by giving it red glass and painting its sides gold.

Unfortunately, Samsung only produced so many of these Iron Man Edition devices, and so those that are available have been fetching silly money at auction. In fact, one of them just sold in China for a whopping 118.6 million won ($91,635).

Samsung actually made 16 million Iron Man Edition devices for China, which seems like a lot — but China is a big place with a lot of people. What’s more, this particular model was even rarer than the others.

Not only is it red, which symbolizes prosperity and joy in Chinese culture, but its serial number is 66.

“In China, number 6 symbolizes good luck, and number 66 has a meaning that everything will go twice as smoothly as normal good luck,” explains Business Korea. “As a result, the bidding for the device was highly competitive.”

More than 92,000 bids were placed on the device, which sold for almost 100 times its original retail price of 1.119 million won ($1,079). And it’s not just in China where Iron Man Edition S6 edges are selling for silly money.

Back in May, one device sold on eBay in South Korean for $35,600 after 98 bids, while others can be found for around $3,000 plus shipping.