HTC One M9 update brings camera and battery life improvements

The One M9 gets more camera improvements. Photo: HTC

The One M9 gets more camera improvements. Photo: HTC

HTC has made more improvements to the One M9’s camera performance with an update that also promises better battery life. The release began its rollout in Europe today with the 1.40.401.5 build number, and should be making its way to other markets soon.

HTC says there are three big camera tweaks included in this build, the first of which improves auto-exposure so that your photos don’t look so washed out in bright conditions. HTC has also improved image processing for low-light images to reduce noise and blur and provide greater clarity.

The final camera tweak reduces the green and yellow hue that appears on some photos taken in “extreme lighting conditions.”

The One M9 has a 20-megapixel rear-facing camera, which is a big upgrade over last year’s 4-megapixel sensor. But many users feel the camera doesn’t perform as well as it should, and it’s easily outclassed by the 16-megapixel rivals in the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and LG G4.

Today’s update also reduces the power consumption of Facebook and YouTube — two apps many Android users enjoy on a frequent basis — to deliver better battery life. It also makes changes to the way in which the One M9 charges to reduce heat output.

The update is still based on Android 5.0.2, so don’t expect Android 5.1 to come with it. But nevertheless, it’s one that’s well worth looking forward to if you’re a One M9 owner.