Galaxy S6, S6 edge tweak eliminates RAM management bug

Don't accept poor performance on your Galaxy S6. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Don’t accept poor performance on your Galaxy S6. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge may have its latest and greatest Exynos 7420 processor and 3GB of RAM, but thanks to a frustrating memory bug, poor performance has become all too common for most users.

Samsung has promised to address the issue, but we’ve been waiting weeks for a fix. If you have a rooted handset, however, you can now eliminate the problem yourself with this tweak.

The temporary fix was discovered by XDA Developers forum member mrapp, and it requires you to change some properties in your handset’s build.prop file. This can be done with an app like ES File Explorer, but again, you will need to ensure your device is rooted first.

If it isn’t, you can gain root access using the PingPongRoot tool, which won’t trigger your Knox counter and void your warranty. Bear in mind, however, than some of Samsung’s latest firmware updates aren’t compatible, so you’ll need to check your software is before using the app.

Once you have root access and you’ve backed up your device — yes, be sure you’ve backed up your data! — here’s what you need to change in the build.prop.

Under #DHA Properties change these two lines:


Add these 4 lines:


Scroll down beyond the DHA properties where the other properties are stored and remove duplicate entires of:


Finally, this one will change your LMK values:


Here’s a video that demonstrates performance on the Galaxy S6 once these changes have been applied. Those with an S6 or S6 edge should notice that the device in the clip appears to be a whole lot snappier when switching between apps.

We certainly do not recommend making these changes if you aren’t comfortable or familiar with editing build.prop files. Getting it wrong could cause serious issues.

For more information about the tweak, visit the original XDA thread via the source link below.