LG G4 lives on after two hours under water

The G4 takes a bath. Screenshot: Cult of Android

The G4 takes a bath. Screenshot: Cult of Android

LG doesn’t sell the G4 as a water-resistant smartphone, and the device doesn’t have any IP certification for water resistance, but it’s surprisingly good at withstanding liquids.

After a full two hours under water in a new torture test, the device lives on without any issues at all.

YouTuber Harris Craycraft dunked the G4 in his bathroom sink and filmed the entire 2-hour soaking. The device remained powered on throughout the whole thing, and functioned normally when it came out of the water.

As Craycraft shows in the video, plenty of water got underneath the handset’s back cover and came in contact with its battery, SIM card slot, and other internal components, and yet “everything was working perfectly fine,” he says.

It could be that LG has taken steps to make the G4 as water resistant as possible, but decided not to advertise that because the device wasn’t certified, or for fear that people would dunk their devices unnecessarily and ruin them.

We definitely don’t recommend you get your own G4 wet, then, but you can rest assured that if it goes happen to get dropped down a toilet or thrown in a bath, there’s a good chance it will survive.