Watch a Galaxy S6 edge get obliterated by a Desert Eagle

Take that, TouchWiz. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Take that, TouchWiz. Screenshot: Cult of Android

We don’t normally approve of the destruction of perfectly good gadgets just for the sake of it, but we’re willing to make an exception for this awesome video from Unbox Therapy, which shows a brand new Galaxy S6 edge being completely obliterated by a Desert Eagle.

“The robots over at dbrand asked if I’d like to come take part in some destruction,” writes Lewis Hilsenteger, creator of the terrific Unbox Therapy channel. “Normally, I’d need more information but when they told me they’d be shooting in super slo-mo and 4K it seemed like a no-brainer.”

The video’s less than a minute long, but you’ll enjoy every second of it.

This video wasn’t just about destroying Samsung’s latest and greatest because it looks good. It’s “mostly a showcase of some of the greatest camera equipment on the planet capable of capturing moments often missed by the human eye,” Hilsenteger says. The whole thing was shot on a Phantom Flex4K.