Ice Cream Sandwich Beta Released For Sony Xperia Play

Owners of the Sony Xperia Play, get your thumbs ready for some beta testing. Tonight, Sony has released a public beta for Ice Cream Sandwich that runs on the Xperia Play. Sure, it was available through custom ROMs, but nothings better than an official release. Sony wants your help testing the software.

Most importantly, Sony wants beta testers to try the gaming controls on the Play and see how they work. Specifically they ask: “Did the buttons work properly?” and “Did the touch pads work properly?” The company didn’t say for which version of the Xperia Play this is for, so be weary of issues.

No time frame has been given for an official release, but hey, your feedback will help push things forward. Sony has posted full instructions for installing the ROM on its developer portal. Note for you hacker types: you can’t root this beta.

[via Phandroid]