Amazon Appstore Updated To Version 2.3, Download Limit Gets A Much Needed Increase

For those of you using the Amazon appstore to get your free-app-of-the-day, you’ll be happy to know they have increased the maximum application size that can be downloaded over a mobile connection from 20MB to 50MB. This change comes in the latest update to the appstore and will now give you the convenience of downloading that must have app while on-the-go and away from a WiFi connection.

This latest update also fixes the issues with app update notifications still popping up even after you’ve disabled them. You’ll also find the standard “bug fixes and stability enhancements,” in this latest update and we always love to see those.

You should get a notification of the update soon (ironic isn’t it), but if you can’t wait, you can always check for it by going to the Appstore app > Settings > Version and Release Notes > Check for Updates. We’ll let you get back to downloading those free apps now. Enjoy.