Android Wear users outraged by LG’s new Call app

LG Call for Watch Urbane (and only Watch Urbane). Screenshots: Google Play

LG Call for Watch Urbane (and only Watch Urbane). Screenshots: Google Play

LG today rolled out a brand new Android Wear app called Call, which allows smartwatch owners to initiate phone calls from their wrist. It’s a useful addition to any wearable, but it has sparked outrage among the Android Wear community, leading to a torrent of 1-star ratings and bad reviews.


Well, unlike pretty much every other app released for Android Wear, Call is for LG’s new Watch Urbane device only. That means you can’t install it on your Moto 360, your Samsung Gear Live, or your Sony SmartWatch 3. You can’t even install it on your LG G Watch or G Watch R.

WTF Doesn’t work on GWR. Such bullshit,” writes Alex Suess. “If this is an attempt to get consumers to buy the exact same product but in a metal casing, it’s not working.”


LG Call’s Google Play ratings.

Paul Stevens adds, “I thought all android wear watches were supposed to be the same, yet LG is sitting over here saying ‘Haha, lets make them have to buy the latest one we release for a ton of money to use this cool feature even though it is barely any better than the watch that is currently for sale.’ Sounds like a fruity move to me…”

These people have a point. While we can understand LG wouldn’t want to support third-party Wear watches, there’s no reason why it couldn’t have added support for its other devices. After all, they all have similar specifications; the G Watch R is essentially a Watch Urbane in a different shell.

This isn’t an error, either; LG clearly states in Call’s Google Play description that it support “Android OS 4.3 above (Paired with LG Watch Urbane).”

Call has been rated 278 times since making its debut today, and 224 of those give it just one star. Hopefully, this will persuade the South Korean company to rethink its decision, and it’ll open Call up to more devices. If not third-party options, then at least all of its own Wear watches.