S6 edge accounts for half of all Galaxy S6 sales

The S6 edge is more popular than we anticipated. Photo: Samsung

The S6 edge is more popular than we anticipated. Photo: Samsung

The curved glass display on the Galaxy S6 edge may be considered somewhat gimmicky, but that hasn’t stopped it from being incredibly popular.

According to one report out of Samsung’s native South Korea, the S6 edge has sold just as many units as the regular Galaxy S6 since the devices made their debut on April 10.

There’s no denying the S6 edge looks incredibly cool, but its curved display doesn’t really do enough to justify the $100 premium over the regular Galaxy S6.

In fact, early reviews say it actually increases glare, making the screen hard to see in certain conditions, and there have been reports that many early adopters are receiving devices that are covered in surface scratches.

But that hasn’t put consumers off. Yonhap News reports that the S6 edge accounts for around 50% of all Galaxy S6 shipments worldwide, which is significantly greater than the 20-30% market estimate before the device went on sale.

“While we cannot reveal the exact sales figure, the domestic sales volume over past three days is an all-time high (among previous Galaxy models),” a Samsung insider told Yonhap.

Samsung is confident its latest smartphones will become its best-selling devices to date, following disappointing sales for last year’s Galaxy S5. And the company has made huge improvements to ensure their success.

Not only do the handsets sport all-new designs made from glass and aluminum, without an ounce of tacky plastic in sight, but they also have hugely-improved cameras, Samsung’s latest Exynos 7 processor, and stunning Quad HD displays.

They are so premium that they actually cost more to manufacture than Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and yet they’ll cost you less off-contract.