Sharp’s new smartphone display has an insane 4K resolution

Photo: Sharp

Photo: Sharp

The 2K displays making their way into today’s flagship smartphones are already old news thanks to Sharp. The Japanese company today announced its new 5.5-inch IGZO display, which has an insane 4K resolution that boasts 806 pixels-per-inch.

To be precise, the resolution is 2160×3840 — the same resolution you get with today’s high-end “Ultra HD” TVs.

It’s incredibly sharp with a 50-inch screen when you’re sat back watching a movie, so you can imagine just how crisp the same number of pixels is when crammed into a display measuring just 5.5 inches.

In fact, it’s overkill for a smartphone, really; no one needs a 5.5-inch 4K screen in their pocket, and to the naked eye, it’s not going to look that much better than a 2K display — just like a 2K display doesn’t look that much sharper than a 1080p display at 5.5 inches.

But it certainly appears better on a spec sheet, and so manufacturers will use it anyway.

We’ll likely see the first smartphones with a 4K display later this year. Recent rumors have claimed Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 will have an Ultra HD screen when it goes on sale in September, but we could see other handsets with Sharp’s IGZO screen before then.