The Moto 360 is now just $179 on Amazon

The Moto 360 is a bargain at $179. Photo: Motorola

The Moto 360 is a bargain at $179. Photo: Motorola

If you’re an Android user, you likely have no interest in pre-ordering the Apple Watch today, but perhaps you’ll be interested in a Moto 360 instead. Thanks to Amazon, you can now get one of the prettiest Android Wear watches on the market for just $179.

This is the cheapest the Moto 360 has been since it made its debut — by some margin. It’s not one of the most affordable Android Wear watches you can buy at almost half the price of the most affordable Apple Watch.

And with Android Wear support expected to arrive on iOS any day now, this deal could interest iPhone owners, too.

The $179 price tag applies to all Moto 360 options with a leather strap, while those with a metal strap have also been reduced to just $229.

I wear a Moto 360 every day and I love it. Battery life is good, the display is great, and the build quality is terrific. If you’ve been thinking about getting a Wear watch, then, I can’t recommend it enough — especially at this price.