HTC irons out One M9 camera troubles with a software update

The HTC One M9 now takes better photos. Photo: HTC

The HTC One M9 now takes better photos. Photo: HTC

HTC has rolled out a software update for its new One M9 handset that hopes to fix some of the camera troubles you may have read about in its early reviews. However, the software is only available to those in the U.S. because it ships pre-installed on international models.

While the One M9 isn’t vastly different to the One M8, one of the major changes HTC made was to its camera, hoping to fix a big complaint users had with last year’s flagship. But its new 20-megapixel sensor hasn’t exactly been well-received.

In fact, many of the early reviews say the One M9’s new camera is its biggest flaw, but HTC has now issued a software update that promises to fix it. It weighs in at 88MB, and it’s making its way to One M9 handsets in the U.S.

If you’re on Sprint, the update is rolling out over-the-air today, while those on Verizon will have it pre-installed when they buy the device today. Those who have a One M9 on AT&T or T-Mobile can expect to get the update in about a week.

According to tests carried out by Phandroid and a number of other websites, the update makes significant improvements to photo quality. Images are clearer, sharper, and more vibrant, and they have much better dynamic range.

Before and after the One M9's update. Photo: Phandroid

Before and after the One M9’s update. Photo: Phandroid

“This photo was taken in a completely pitch black room using flash,” Phandroid reports.
“Previously the M9 couldn’t handle this at all, but as you can see, the update provides a pretty decent photo considering non-existent lighting conditions.”

Many agree that there’s still some more room for improvement with the One M9’s 20-megapixel sensor, but HTC’s latest update certainly makes for much better photos — and that’s good news for those planning to buy the device today.