Sprint Officially Done With WiMax Devices, Focusing On 4G LTE

Sprint today confirmed its plans to stop creating devices that support WiMax and continue to focus on rolling out their 4G LTE network. As you may remember, Sprint was one of the first carriers to offer 4G, with the help of WiMax. Sprint will still be offering WiMax services, but will continue building its 4G LTE network for a full rollout by midyear. It’s not clear how long Sprint will continue supporting WiMax once that happens. 

As noted by Electronista, Sprint’s senior networks VP Bob Azzi confirmed the news to reporters today at a conference. He went on to say that 4G LTE offers better benefits.

There isn’t a device on Sprint that currently supports 4G LTE, but the company has said that the Galaxy Nexus will soon launch with 4G LTE bands. The HTC Evo One is also expected to be announced with 4G LTE bands soon.

LTE technology will prove to be less costly for Sprint, the nation’s third-largest carrier. It is currently working to roll out its Network Vision project, which hopes to consolidate Sprint’s voice, 3G, and 4G access together.

Verizon currently offers the nation’s largest LTE network, with AT&T following behind. Sprint was smart to ditch Wimax, as its parent company Clearwire is currently broke. No money means no new areas to cover. With LTE, the carrier may be able to add more customers.

Are you excited for the rollout of Sprint’s 4G LTE network?