DR-1 drone is the OnePlus ‘game changer’ no one was expecting

OnePlus is building a drone. Image: OnePlus

OnePlus is building a drone. Image: OnePlus

OnePlus, the Chinese startup that has made a name for itself with the popular One smartphone, today announced its next venture: the DR-1 drone, which will be available from the company’s online store next month.

This is the “game changer” OnePlus began teasing earlier this month, and it’s a direction no one expected the company to take.

After disrupting the smartphone market with the One — a device that delivered high-end specifications at an affordable price — we were expecting a similar approach perhaps with a smartwatch or tablet. The company’s teaser images hinted at a games console.

But instead, OnePlus is tackling another hot gadget. Drones are becoming increasingly popular, and based on OnePlus’s “game changer” slogan, we’re led to believe this will be no ordinary drone. But for now, details are scarce.

We’ll know more next month when the DR-1 goes on sale through the OnePlus online store, but until then, all we have is this mysterious Vine.