Dunk test proves the Galaxy S6 Edge is definitely not water-resistant

Do not do this. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Do not do this. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Unlike the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s latest flagships are not water-resistant. It’s not that Samsung just forgot to announce this feature, either; the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge really do not like water — as demonstrated in the video below.

Now that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are available, YouTube is awash with drop test videos and other painful-to-watch clips that aim to demonstrate the kind of extremities Samsung’s new devices can withstand in exchange for as many views as possible.

The 12-minute video below from Keaton Keller of TechSmartt is particularly interesting, because it shows us how the S6 Edge copes after getting wet. Not just a little bit wet; Keller placed the handset into a large bowl of water and left it inside for over 22 minutes.

When Keller pulled the S6 Edge out of the bowl, water poured out of its ports and grilles, and the device did not want to power on. But after charging for some time and plenty of boot loops, the S6 Edge came back to life — though plenty of things were broken.

This is to be expected with a device that is not water-resistant, but it’s somewhat surprising that the S6 Edge powered on at all. While you certainly shouldn’t take it swimming, then, it may withstand a slight water spill if you dry it off quickly.