LG G4 could get a curved display just like the G Flex 2

Could the LG G4 be as curvy as the G Flex? Photo: LG

Could the LG G4 be as curvy as the G Flex? Photo: LG

LG’s new G Flex 2 may not be its only flagship smartphone with a curved display for 2015. Sources familiar with the company’s plans say that the upcoming G4 will have one, too, but with a sharper Quad HD resolution just like last year’s G3.

Citing industry sources, The Korea Herald reports that the G4 will have a curved display “in the 5-inch range,” which will make the handset a “game changer” for LG.

Now that LG is familiar with producing curved displays — its midrange Magna and Spirit handsets also come with one — this certainly seems like a plausible move. But it’s one that could alienate smartphone users who aren’t yet ready for curved screens.

LG already has the G Flex 2 for those who want a flagship device with a curve; if the G4 is similarly shaped, those who prefer their smartphones to be flat will end up looking elsewhere — perhaps at the new HTC One M9, or the Samsung Galaxy S6.

But even with a curved display, the G4 is expected to sell 15 million units in its first 12 months, according to analytics firm Kiwoom Securities.

A similar prediction has been echoed by Korea Investment & Securities, which said, “Despite the strong sales of the iPhone 6 and the high expectations for the Galaxy S6, the sales of the G4 will be higher than the G3” at around 9.2 million units during 2015.

In addition to a curved display, recent rumors have claimed the G4 will deliver a 20.7-megapixel rear-facing camera, and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 810 processor. The Korea Herald says LG will announce the device in late April.