17-minute teardown shows you how to get inside your Galaxy S6

Inside the Galaxy S6. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Inside the Galaxy S6. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Samsung has already made it clear that the Galaxy S6 doesn’t have a removable battery like its predecessors, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be replaced at all. The 17-minute teardown video below proves it is possible to get under the handset’s hood to its internals.

That said, the procedure certainly isn’t easy. The most difficult bit is getting the glass back panel off, which requires a heat gun to melt the adhesive holding it in place, then some very steady prying with a suction cup.

Once the back panel is out of the way, almost everything else is held in by screws… lots and lots of screws. There is some adhesive holding the battery in place, however, so that needs to be carefully removed, too.

This certainly isn’t a procedure you’re going to be performing on the train to put a fresh battery in your device when it runs out of juice, so you’re still going to want to invest in a power pack if that’s a problem you come up against often.

But if you plan to keep your Galaxy S6 after its warranty runs out, or you end up voiding its warranty by rooting or installing custom ROMs, it’s nice to know you can replace the battery yourself if you need to. Just ensure you have the right tools, and plenty of patience.