Uh-Oh protection gets you a free replacement when you break your HTC One

Uh-Oh has your One M9 covered. Photo: HTC

Uh-Oh has your One M9 covered. Photo: HTC

Here’s one great reason to buy an HTC One M9 over any of its rivals: a free replacement if you get a cracked screen, switch carriers, or kill your handset with water within the first 12 months of purchasing it.

That’s what you get with HTC’s new Uh-Oh plan for the One M8 and One M9.

“Phones are susceptible to a wide range of uh-ohs,” HTC says, so it wants to make it easy for its own customers to get a replacement when they need one. It takes just three steps.

After reporting the problem to HTC customer support — either by phone or online, users will receive a replacement device the next business day. They can then return their broken device to HTC using.

HTC requires a $299 credit card hold for this, or alternatively, customers can send their broken handset back first and receive a replacement within two days of HTC’s receipt of it, and no credit card is required.

If you don’t require a replacement device within 12 months, HTC will give you $100 toward the purchase of your next One smartphone.

HTC still hasn’t announced when the new One M9 will be available in the U.S. — or any other market outside of Taiwan, actually — but its Uh-Oh program will surely encourage some to adopt the device.

While it probably won’t persuade you to change your mind if you’ve already decided on another handset — like the Galaxy S6 — it could help if you’re on the fence.