Rumored Oppo smartwatch will charge in just five minutes

Could this be Oppo's first smartwatch? Photo: Weibo

Could this be Oppo’s first smartwatch? Photo: Weibo

All eyes may be on the Apple Watch ahead of today’s event, but for Android Wear fans, Oppo could have something much more exciting up its sleeve.

The Chinese company’s first wearable, which is expected to launch alongside the upcoming Find 9 smartphone, will reportedly boast fast-charging technology that will completely recharge its battery from zero to 100% in just five minutes.

“The Oppo smartwatch is still very much a rumour, but insiders who have spoken to people at Oppo seem to believe it is real and coming soon (possibly around the launch of the Oppo Find 9),” reports GizChina.

Five-minute charging would solve one of the biggest complaints about smartwatches. Most of today’s offerings will last just 24 hours in between charges — others two days at the most — and if you forget to plug them in before you go to bed, you’ll be without them for a couple of hours.

But having the ability to charge them to 100% while you eat your breakfast each morning means that would no longer be an issue.

Oppo’s fast-charging functionality made its debut with the Find 7 last March, and was improved with its second-generation VOOC technology that was introduced with the N3 late last year.

Of course, this is all rumor and speculation for now, so don’t get too excited until Oppo officially announces its first smartwatch.