Galaxy S6 shames iPhone 6 in image stabilization test


If you need a smartphone camera that can capture a steady image even when you’re not, you’ll want to choose Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 over the iPhone 6. At least, that’s what the South Korean company hopes to prove with the strange, shaking display table it brought to MWC.

In an effort to demonstrate how much better the Galaxy S6 is at image stabilization, Samsung has lined it up against an iPhone 6 on a little table that rocks back and forth. The camera apps are open on both devices, pointed at a picture of hot air balloons in the background.

As you’ll see in the video below, the Galaxy S6 is clearly much better at image stabilization. While the iPhone’s picture is shaking all over the place, the Galaxy S6’s hardly moves at all. But there are some important things to bear in mind.

First, the Galaxy S6 has optical image stabilization, whereas the iPhone 6 does not (though the iPhone 6 Plus does), so we shouldn’t expect it to be as stable. But the iPhone 6 does have software image stabilization, which is applied after a video has been recorded — and it’s very good.

If you were to record video on both of these devices and play it back, then, it would look much more stable on the iPhone 6 than Samsung leads us to believe with its demonstration table.

There’s one other thing I must point out: Look at the images on both of those displays, doesn’t the iPhone 6’s look much brighter, and much more vibrant? Maybe it’s just the angle of the recording, but at first glance it looks like Apple still offers the better camera for photography.