BBM update brings custom PINs, Android Wear support, and more

BBM on your Android Wear watch. Photo: BlackBerry

BBM on your Android Wear watch. Photo: BlackBerry

BlackBerry has rolled out a welcome BBM update for Android that finally brings custom PINs, support for Android Wear, and other new features you’ve been waiting for.

BlackBerry first announced support for Android Wear back in January at CES, and two months later, it’s finally on its way. Users will now get BBM messages delivered to their watch, and they’ll be able to “read and reply to them with a few simple swipes.”

One of the biggest changes in this release, however, is the ability to create a custom BBM PIN. Until now, they’ve been totally random, which makes remembering them a complete pain. But BlackBerry now allows you to create your own alphanumeric PIN that’s 6-8 characters long.

But there’s a catch. Custom PINs are part of BlackBerry’s effort to monetize BBM, so those who create one will be charged $1.99 a month to keep it. The subscription also gives you a special badge on your BBM avatar that lets you parade your premium status.

BlackBerry doesn’t say what will happen to your custom PIN if you stop paying your subscription fee, but presumably you’ll lose it and get another random one back.

This update also brings the ability to remove ads for $0.99 a month, lets you share photos in group chats, and enables multiple BBM Channel contributors, making it easier for Channel owners to post and manage their content.

You can download the latest BBM release for Android now from Google Play.