Replay Samsung’s Galaxy S6 event in 60 seconds

Unpacked... again. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Unpacked… again. Screenshot: Cult of Android

If you missed Samsung’s Unpacked event on Sunday and you don’t have time to fit the whole thing into your schedule, you can see all you need to see in just 60 seconds.

We often see fans condensing entire tech events into 60-second clips, but Samsung has done it all for us. The South Korean company’s one-minute recap features all of its exciting news from yesterday’s event, including the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with improved TouchWiz, and Samsung Pay.

If you do have a spare 44 minutes, you can watch Samsung’s entire Unpacked event below, which provides more details on the products above, including the promising new cameras packed into both devices, and the improvements that have been made to Samsung Knox.

If you haven’t already, you can vote on which of yesterday’s smartphones has most impressed you on our Google+ page.