This is by far the best boot animation you’ve ever seen

Is this not the best boot animation you've ever seen? Photo: Bhoot

Is this not the best boot animation you’ve ever seen? Photo: Bhoot

I don’t tend to get too excited about boot animations; I usually stick with whichever one comes bundled with the ROM I’m using and pay very little attention to it. But as a fan of the Zelda franchise, I can’t help but be amazed by the beauty above.

It’s called ZeldaHD, and it’s available to download from Bhoot, a website dedicated to custom boot animations. It’s a full 16 seconds long, and you’re going to enjoy every single one of them… if you, too, are a Zelda fan. (If not you probably want to stop reading on.)

If you’re not familiar with flashing custom boot images, you’ll be pleased to learn it’s a pretty simple process. However, you will either need to be rooted, or you’ll need an unlocked bootloader with a custom recovery.

There are actually three ways to install ZeldaHD; you can either flash the raw image manually via ADB, flash the ZIP file with either the CWM or TWRP custom recoveries, or, the easiest method (if you’re using a CyanogenMod-based ROM) is to apply it using the CM Theme Engine.

Bhoot provides all the formats you’ll need depending on which method you choose — just follow the source link below. You’ll find lots of other animations there, too, if you’re the kind of person who likes to refresh yours every so often.