Watch this space: Pebble begins mystery countdown

The end is near. Screenshot: Cult of Android

The end is near. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Pebble has promised us big things for 2015, and our wait for those could be over sooner than anticipated. The company today erected a countdown on its website that ends on Tuesday, February 24, at 7 a.m. PT.

After announcing that it had reached 1 million sales earlier this month, Pebble teased new devices and new software that promise to provide a unique experience you can’t get from other smartwatches — or even the existing Pebble.

“We’ve found a new framework to use as an interaction model on the watch,” Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky told The Verge. “It doesn’t look like what we have today, and it doesn’t look like what’s on your smartphone.”

Migicovsky revealed that we would see Pebble’s new products this year, but he didn’t provide a more specific timeline. We anticipated a fairly lengthy wait, but based on its countdown, it looks like Pebble’s surprises could be right around the corner.

If you’re interested in what Pebble has to tell us on February 24, you can be one of the “first to know” by submitting your email address on its website. In the meantime, we can only continue guessing what it could be.