NVIDIA will announce a revolutionary new gaming device on March 3

Gamers, get excited.

Gamers, get excited.

NVIDIA has issued invitations for a March 3 event where it will show off a revolutionary new gaming device that has been “more than 5 years in the making.” The device promises to redefine the future of gaming, but will it feature the company’s exciting new Tegra X1 chipset?

“I would like to invite you to attend a very special event on March 3rd,” writes Jensen, NVIDIA President and CEO. “More than 5 years in the making, what I want to share with you will redefine the future of gaming.”

The event will take place in San Francisco, thousands of miles away from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which kicks off just one day before. That could indicate it won’t be mobile-related, but we’re hoping the announcement will involve the new Tegra X1 chipset.

Announced at CES last month, the Tegra X1 is going to vastly improve gaming on the go. It’s around twice as fast as the already impressive Tegra K1, and it features a 64-bit, octa-core CPU and 256 GPU cores. It’s the first mobile chip capable of delivering a teraflop of power.

That’s desktop-grade performance. In fact, the Tegra X1 essentially delivers the same architecture as the Maxwell chips NVIDIA announced last October, which bring desktop performance and better battery life to notebook computers.

Earlier this week, a report from Fudzilla claimed NVIDIA had a new Shield tablet up its sleeve that would feature the Tegra X1 chipset, and would arrive during the first half of this year. We’ll have to wait and see if this is the device the company announces next month.

As a gamer, I couldn’t be more excited for March 3.