Movies on your Android Wear watch? If you have to

Movies on a Moto 360. Because. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Movies on a Moto 360. Because. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Movies are better on a big screen. In fact, the bigger the screen, the better the movie, I think. But if you really, really have to, you can watch them on your teeny-tiny Android Wear watch, as demonstrated in the video below.

YouTuber Corbin Davenport — who has already shown us how Android Wear can run Game Boy Color gamesMinecraftand even Windows 95 — uses an app called QQPlayer in his latest video to play feature-length movies on his Moto 360.

The trick is to sideload the original Android app from the Google Play Store on your Android Wear device through ADB. Davenport uses QQPlayer, but you can use almost any Android media player that utilizes software decoding.

As you might expect, however, there are numerous caveats — even if we ignore the tiny screen.

Media playback is only smooth, Davenport says, if you use a low resolution. Not only will your movie be small, then, but it’ll look terrible, too. What’s more, you’ll need to connect your watch to an external speaker or headset over Bluetooth, because most Android Wear devices don’t have one built-in.

It’s not an ideal setup, then, but nevertheless, it is a pretty neat trick. I doubt many would use it for feature-length movies, but perhaps for… other things.