HTC trashes Apple and Samsung in its own rap video. Really.

Oh, man. Video: HTC

Oh, man. Video: HTC

HTC does some pretty terrific things — its One M8 is a prime example of that. But it does some downright ridiculous things, too, like producing its own rap videos.

Yes, you read that right; the Taiwanese company has produced its own rap video that explains the many advantages the One M8 has over its rivals, and trashes competing products like the iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

Called Hold the Crown, the music video features rapping from Greg Carr, better known as Doc G, and some cringeworthy dancing from HTC employee David Bruce, who is now calling himself “D 2 tha B,” apparently. You’ll also see HTC CEO Peter Chou’s face a few times.

No, my wife did not slip dodgy mushrooms into my breakfast omelette; here is the proof.

And, if you need them, here are the lyrics, courtesy of Engadget:

Y’all can’t be serious man.
Y’all trying to bite us now?
You know what I’m saying?
It took you six years to get what we got in two years!


You don’t know who we be?
And we about to say it loud.
HTC, we hold the crown,
Word to Peter Chou.

Biting our frame, but you’ll never steal or take away our name, baby,
Look at here, and listen.

You’re smartphone scared,
They don’t want to clash with a Titan,
They saw that M8 debut,
They became enlightened.
Where I’m from, you don’t ever get respect for biting.
HTC One M8 is the best,
You are all invited.

Your phone was all glass,
Why you changed your tune now?
Your chip is slower,
But you’ll never touch our BoomSound.
More than a few clowns stole what we originated,
We own the universe, your Galaxy is overrated.
It took you copycats six times to get it right,
My One M8 is far too great, you’ll never touch this light

Gorilla Glass 3, Duo Sensor, dual speakers,
HTC is MVP your smartphone’s on the bleachers,
Internal battery strong,
But if my power’s low,
I stay alive with Extreme Power Saving Mode,

Make like the nerdy bloggers
Put it in your pocket now,
HTC cannot be beat,
Help me say it now!

I say it loud,
You know that we hold the crown,


Yeah, HTC,
The greatest smartphone ever created baby,
One M8,
Far too great for y’all competition,
So stop, look and listen,
I say it loud,
We hold the crown,
My word to Peter Chou.

If you need more, here’s an interview in which Bruce sits down with Doc G to ask him what he loves about the One M8. There’s more rapping in there from Bruce, so be warned.